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 List of Services

Engel & Associates, Inc. (Engel) provides the following services to help industry explore and develop resources while maintaining the integrity of our environment:

Phase I and Phase II Environmental Site Assessments

Engel personnel are trained and experienced in conducting Phase I and Phase II Environmental Site Assessments (ESA). What’s the difference between a Phase I and a Phase II ESA?

Phase I ESA is conducted according to ASTM Designation E 1527-05 and includes “all appropriate inquiry” into the present and past uses of a property to determine if there are any recognized environmental concerns associated with the property. To accomplish this, experienced environmental professionals conduct a historical and current environmental agency record search, interview people knowledgeable about the property, and inspect the property. The environmental professional will then determine if there are any environmental concerns and recommend additional environmental investigation, if necessary.

Phase II ESA is performed if the Phase I ESA determines that it is likely that recognized environmental concerns have affected soil and/or groundwater at the property. A Phase II consists of collecting soil and groundwater samples for laboratory analysis to determine if past activities at the property or surrounding properties have contaminated soil or groundwater at the property. This is the second phase (Phase II) of an ESA.

UST and AST Closure and Assessment

Underground storage tanks (UST) and aboveground storage tanks (AST) can leak and release hazardous chemicals or petroleum products into the environment. Engel personnel are certified to provide UST and AST removal (closure) services and conduct an assessment to determine if the tank(s) has released product. If a release has occurred, Engel personnel can define the extent of the release and determine a cost effective strategy to restore the environment.

Contaminant Investigations and Remediation

Environmental contamination, discovered as a result a Phase I ESA, Phase II ESA, or an AST/UST assessment, requires a more thorough investigation of its magnitude and extent. This remedial investigation, also referred to as a Phase III ESA, provides the necessary information to prepare a Remedial Action Plan for proper site cleanup or environmental repair. Engel employs the necessary professionals to evaluate all information and develop remedial alternatives acceptable to state regulatory agencies.

 Mining Reclamation Plans

Wisconsin state statutes require owners and operators of nonmetallic mining operations to file an approved reclamation plan with the regulatory authority having jurisdiction in their area (usually the county or township). Engel personnel are proficient at compiling the necessary information required for an approved reclamation plan and have written numerous reclamation plans tailored to meet the needs of nonmetallic mine owners and operators and comply with state regulations. In addition, Engel prepares nonmetallic mining operation plans. To find out more about nonmetallic mining reclamation and related topics visit the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources web site at www.dnr.wi.gov .

Storm Water Management and Land Use Permitting

Most construction in Wisconsin requires a construction site erosion control plan and special permits. Engel personnel are experts at determining the best erosion control plan for your construction site and securing the permits you need. Engel personnel also design storm water control systems and provide as-built drawings, site inspections, and storm water runoff sampling. In addition, Engel conducts wetland analysis and prepare storm water pollution prevention plans (SWPPP).

Geological, Geotechnical, and Geophysical Investigations

Groundwater and mineral resources are valuable commodities. Finding new sources of these necessities will ensure the quality of life and facilitate future growth and development. Engel has the experience to search for and evaluate new and existing resources. Engel employs a variety of geological and geophysical techniques including magnetic and electromagnetic surveying, resistivity studies, borehole geophysics, stream sediment analysis with mineral segregation, assay and petrographic analysis, and drill core analysis.

 Petroleum Environmental Cleanup Fund

The Petroleum Environmental Cleanup Fund (PECFA) was established to reimburse the owners of eligible petroleum UST and AST systems for the cost of cleanup resulting from the release of petroleum fuels. Engel employs consultants certified by the Wisconsin Department of Commerce to effectively manage all phases of your PECFA project. Engel will cost effectively conduct site investigations and remediations and act as a liaison between the system owner and the regulatory agency. To find out more about the PECFA program, visit the Wisconsin Department of Commerce web page at www.commerce.wi.gov and click on PECFA.

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